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Health School

Health School - is the organizational form of training of the relevant population on priority issues in order to strengthen and maintain health.

Schools purpose - increase motivation and improve implementation of medical recommendations, formation of partnerships with the doctor during treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

The idea of the patient's school - patient and medical staff mutual responsibility, the culture of maintaining and improving health, communication culture, where you should not only conscientiously observe doctor's demands, but also to be an active participant of the rehabilitation process, track all the details of your condition and timely inform the doctor about negative and positive changes in order to make corrections, and for the simultaneous formation of first-aid skills over disease control.

Tasks: correct representation of disease, risk factors and progressive development conditions that allows patient more clearly form a proactive attitude of patients themselves and their relatives in the further health improving process and accomplish a set of recommendations for a long period of time.

School conduction technology. Presentation, video, illustrated materials, discussion, questions and answers, interactive communication, self-care training, motivational interviewing.

"Diabetes" School health

Relevance. In the world there are 382 million people suffering from diabetes. Another 316 million with impaired glucose tolerance are at high risk of disease developing. The largest number of patients with diabetes of 40-59 working age years, it emphasizes social significance of the problem. Diabetes - is one of the first non-communicable diseases, which incited United Nations in 2006 to adopt a resolution №61 / 225, calling on all countries to unite against diabetes.

Training purpose – understanding definition of diabetes by school participants, its complications as hypo - and hyperglycemic state, hypoglycemic coma, diabetic foot; damages of a number of organs during this pathology, which are called target organs: arteries, heart, kidneys, brain, eyes; risk factors and disease development prognosis; rules of blood sugar measurement, keeping the patient diary, nutrition of patient with diabetes.

"Healthy Heart, clean vessels"

Relevance: In the world according to WHO 40% of adults have hypertension, and it is the cause of more than nine million annual deaths. Every year revealed 16 million premature deaths in the age of 70 from heart and lung disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. According to the RK Agency Statistics in 2014 1181.8 cases per 100 thousand population illnesses have been registered, characterized by high blood pressure versus 1172.5 in 2013.

Training purpose - raising awareness of patients with hypertension and coronary heart diseases about their illnesses, risk factors (RF), complications and prevention; motivation formation for rehabilitation, compliance and implementation of doctor’s recommendations; develop ability to self- control own health condition, premedical first aid in the acute cases and crises as well as to reduce adverse effects connected to health behavioral RF (nutrition, physical activity, stress management, cacoethes).

Health School "Eupnoea"

Relevance. According to WHO 235 million people worldwide suffer from asthma. As reported by official statistics in the Republic of Kazakhstan the total number of patients with bronchial asthma in the population was 100,000 in 2014 to 63.7 in 2013 - 56.3. As can be seen from the data presented has been an increase in patients with bronchial asthma. Among them, the largest percentage is accounted for children aged 0-14 and is respectively 92.4 in 2014 and 75.2 in 2013.

Training purpose - Informing patients about the causes and mechanisms of asthma development, COPD nature of the disease, treatments and prevention. Creating a partnership between doctor and patient. Teach the patient to live with asthma, be able to control it. Keeping a diary of self-control of asthma using peakflowmetry.

Health school "Active Aging"

Relevance. Population in the republic is 17 417.7 thousand people (01.01.2015), with annual population growth rate of 1.24%; average life expectancy is 71.6 years. Despite the positive development of Healthcare dynamics life expectancy of Kazakhstanis nearly 10 years less than in OECD member countries.

The greatest proportion of deaths (86%) and the burden of disease (77%) are caused by a group of socially significant diseases: cardiovascular, cancer, chronic lung disease, diabetes. Among the causes of chronic diseases in 87.5% are risk factors (high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and alcohol consumption, poor diet). Patients by improving their knowledge in the prevention of disease or stabilizing it, thus contributing to an increase in life expectancy and active aging.

Training purpose - interventions conducting for prevention and development of the ability of patients to the aimed actions to overcome behavioral risk factors of diseases, education skills of healthy lifestyle, teach patients to be responsible for their health, the commitment to carry out the doctor's recommendations.

Health School "You will have a baby!"

Relevance. "Lamaze" method - one of the most popular in the world, it is a school that prepares women who want to have children to childbearing. Dr. Ferdinand Lamaze developed the method in 1951 based on the training of married couples to pregnancy follow-up, and how to take care of future child.

Training purpose of "Lamaze": raising confidence in mothers in her ability to give birth, help in eliminating painful and pain feelings, ease childbirth process and creation of psychologically comfortable mood.

Classes are attended by both spouses, conducted by multi-disciplinary team (gynecologist, internist, neonatologist and psychologist).

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