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"Diabetes" School health

Relevance. In the world there are 382 million people suffering from diabetes. Another 316 million with impaired glucose tolerance are at high risk of disease developing. The largest number of patients with diabetes of 40-59 working age years, it emphasizes social significance of the problem. Diabetes - is one of the first non-communicable diseases, which incited United Nations in 2006 to adopt a resolution №61 / 225, calling on all countries to unite against diabetes.

Training purpose – understanding definition of diabetes by school participants, its complications as hypo - and hyperglycemic state, hypoglycemic coma, diabetic foot; damages of a number of organs during this pathology, which are called target organs: arteries, heart, kidneys, brain, eyes; risk factors and disease development prognosis; rules of blood sugar measurement, keeping the patient diary, nutrition of patient with diabetes.

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