"Healthy Heart, clean vessels"

Relevance: In the world according to WHO 40% of adults have hypertension, and it is the cause of more than nine million annual deaths. Every year revealed 16 million premature deaths in the age of 70 from heart and lung disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. According to the RK Agency Statistics in 2014 1181.8 cases per 100 thousand population illnesses have been registered, characterized by high blood pressure versus 1172.5 in 2013.

Training purpose - raising awareness of patients with hypertension and coronary heart diseases about their illnesses, risk factors (RF), complications and prevention; motivation formation for rehabilitation, compliance and implementation of doctor’s recommendations; develop ability to self- control own health condition, premedical first aid in the acute cases and crises as well as to reduce adverse effects connected to health behavioral RF (nutrition, physical activity, stress management, cacoethes).