Health School

Health School - is the organizational form of training of the relevant population on priority issues in order to strengthen and maintain health.

Schools purpose - increase motivation and improve implementation of medical recommendations, formation of partnerships with the doctor during treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.

The idea of the patient's school - patient and medical staff mutual responsibility, the culture of maintaining and improving health, communication culture, where you should not only conscientiously observe doctor's demands, but also to be an active participant of the rehabilitation process, track all the details of your condition and timely inform the doctor about negative and positive changes in order to make corrections, and for the simultaneous formation of first-aid skills over disease control.

Tasks: correct representation of disease, risk factors and progressive development conditions that allows patient more clearly form a proactive attitude of patients themselves and their relatives in the further health improving process and accomplish a set of recommendations for a long period of time.

School conduction technology. Presentation, video, illustrated materials, discussion, questions and answers, interactive communication, self-care training, motivational interviewing.