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Bronchoscopy is a method of trachea and bronchi mucous membrane examination with the use of special device, namely a bronchoscope. A tube with lighting equipment and video camera is inserted through the larynx into respiratory passages. This advanced equipment ensures the examination accuracy above 97%, which makes it essential for the diagnostic of various pathological conditions: chronic bronchitises, recurrent pneumonic fevers, or lung cancer.

Preparation for gastroscopy

Gastroscopy requires special preparation, about which the patient is informed at the time of prescription of this manipulation.

1. If time permits, the patient should exclude chocolate, nuts, seeds, and spicy food two days before the manipulation. It is advisable to discontinue taking alcoholic beverages at the same time.

2. The last meal before the diagnostic procedure must be no later than at 6 p.m. of the previous day. Evening meal must be substantial but without any high-residue food.

3. Before the manipulation it is recommended to exclude rough food, heavy salads with mayonnaise, a lot of whole-wheat bread, fatty meat or fish, and cheese. The best option for supper is a portion of green salad with a small amount of chicken breast, steamed chicken rissole, buckweat porridge, or fatless cottage cheese. Any beans or barley groats are unadvisable, while a portion of mashed potatoes or steamed broccoli can perfectly be the basis of evening meal the day before the diagnostics.

Preparation for colonoscopy with Fortrans®

колоноскопия 13 days before the examination it is necessary to exclude any rough food from the ration (fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, cereals, beans, mushrooms, berries, black bread). Allowed are broth, boiled meat, fish, chicken, cheese, white bread, butter, and biscuits.

If you suffer from constipations you should take your usual purgatives every day or even increase their dosage a little bit.

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