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Welcome to the Presidential Hospital!

The Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan - advanced health care facility delivering highly qualified secondary and tertiary health care.


The Presidential Hospital has more than 40 diagnostic and treatment departments: nuclear medicine, cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology.  The Hospital comprises the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies that are applied by the world leading medical centers.  


The Hospital has the Epileptology Center, Diagnostic Center, Rehabilitation Center, Gerontology Center, Referent Center for Robotic Surgery and Molecular Genomic Laboratory have been opened.


More than 500,000 patients visit our Hospital per year; we do more than 6,000 surgeries and provide treatment for more than 10,000 patients. Sixty percent of the equipment of our Hospital is from global manufacturers, the first deliveries in the CIS.


The Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in Astana in 1997 in view of transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty.   

From February 2011, the Hospital annually successfully confirms the certificate of compliance with ISO 9001:2008 International Standards. In April 2019, Joint Commission International (JCI) reaccredited our Hospital.


How to contact our Hospital?


Request for medical service is accepted by the following ways:


1) Phone call (Call - center of the Hospital by dialing +7 (7172) 70-80-90 or International Office +7 (7172) 70-79-97, +7 (7172) 70-79-98, +7 (7172) 70-78-80 (ext. 7113);


Email: international@bmc.mcudp.kz


1.     International Relations Department processes the request, if necessary, asks for additional information and sends it to the specialists of the clinical department.


Doctor of the clinical department offers a Treatment Program with an approximate duration of treatment.

Coordinators of the International Relations Department prepares a Preliminary Cost of Treatment.

2. Within three business days, the patient is provided with a Preliminary Treatment Program, as well as information about the cost of the services provided (Preliminary Cost of Treatment).

3. If the patient decides to come to our Hospital, the date of his/her arrival is confirmed. 

Coordinators of the International Relations Department draw up an invitation letter (if necessary) and specify the following information:

- if visa support is necessary;

- travel arrangements;

- transport;

- accommodation;

- other needs.


5) If necessary, the Coordinators of the International Relations Department accompany the patient in the Hospital during treatment, as a translator.

6) The Patient can always contact the International Relations Department for any questions after the treatment is finished.

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