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Assessment of the prognostic value of structural genome variability for the development of coronary heart disease in type II diabetes mellitus in Kazakhs

Individual registration number АР14872367

Еxecution period – 2022 -2024 гг.

Source of funding - Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (contract №176/30-22-24 18 October 2022).

The head of the research group – Karabaeva Raushan Zhumartovna

The project aims to determine the predictive value of the structural variability of the genome represented 9 SNPs rs72652411, rs1011970, rs62560775, rs564398, rs10757278, rs4977574, rs1575972, rs1333051, rs2383208, on chromosome segment 9p21.3, for the development of coronary heart disease with type 2 diabetes in persons of the Kazakh population.

Project tasks.

  1. Collection and compilation of phenotypic and genotypic data on 600 study participants.
  2. Study of phenotype/genotypic associations of study participants with T2D, with CHD, with T2D and CHD, without T2D and CHD.
  3. Forming conclusions about the prognostic value of the structural variability of the genome, represented by different genotypes of ONP in the chromosome segment 9p21.3, for the Kazakh population in comparison with other populations. Evaluation of the possibility to consider the chromosomal segment 9p21.3 as a key molecular mechanism of the pathological interaction of coronary heart disease and T2D.
  4. Development, according to the received scientific data, of recommendations for clinical practice in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Expected results.

  • Based on new scientific data, a potential molecular target for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease and DM2 in the Kazakh population. The results of the study, which provide new knowledge about the molecular pathway of CHD and DM2, will expand the understanding of common points in pathogenesis and will have an impact on the directions of future research.
  • 3 publications in a peer-reviewed scientific publication indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded of the Web of Science database and (or) having a CiteScore percentile in the Scopus database of at least 35, 1 article in a peer-reviewed foreign or domestic edition recommended by Committee for Quality Assurance in the Sphere of Education and Science, abstracts and 2 reports at international scientific and practical conferences, a patent for a utility model Kazakhstan Patent Office, methodological recommendations.

Contact details: Karabaeva Raushan Zhumartovna
+ 7 (7172) 70-80-90, ext. nom. 8003

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