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Medical Registry and a Call Center

About the Department
Medical Registry and a Call Center is a structural unit of the Presidential Hospital’s outpatient department and provide services to the attached contingent as well as on a paid and agreement basis. The Registry operates under the order No.557 "On Approval of the Registry Activities Guideline of the Organization Providing Outpatient Care" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 08.09.2012. The Registry is located on the 1st floor of the Hospital, Block A1.1. The circular form of the Registry provides access to services for a larger number of patients. In the Registry, services are provided by medical registrars. The number of medical registrars is established in accordance with the order No.238 "On Approval of Model Personnel Establishment and Personnel Standards of the Healthcare Organization" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 07.04.2010 in the ratio of 1 medical registrar position to 5 doctor positions conducting outpatient visits. Medical Registry working hours: from 8 am – 8 pm without a break in shifts. The department has 19 employees: senior medical registrar (1), nurses for provision of free medicines (2), nurses for sick leave certifications (2), help desk nurses (2), administrators (2), medical registrars (10). The work of the Medical Registry department is carried out in close contact with GPs and specialized doctors of the Presidential Hospital’s outpatient department.

Medical Registry consists
  • Hospital Help Desk
  • Work incapacity certificate discharge room
Services of the Department
  • The reception desk is equipped with a multi-channel telephone connection, which ensures continuous communication while in service
  • Pre-registration of the attached contingent for an appointment with specialists can be made by calling: 70-81-07, 70-80-91, 70-80-92. Registration of paid services patients can be made by calling: 70-81-08, 70-81-09
  • Proper management and keeping of the outpatient medical record
  • Ensuring the selection and delivery of outpatient medical records to specialists
  • Calling a doctor for home visits by phone: 70-79-08
  • Monitoring the timely arrival of consultants at the concilium
  • On-site, the Registry has a schedule of all specialized doctors and phone numbers of the departments
  • Ensuring the accounting for and storage of work incapacity certificate sheets, and certificates in accordance with the established requirements
  • According to the document issued by the doctor, the registration of the patient's work incapacity form is certified with a seal, and the certificates are also registered
  • Improving the quality of medical care provided to the attached contingent of health protection is a strategic priority of the Medical Registry at the current stage of reforming the outpatient department

Department specialists

Макишева Алтынай Ахмедяновна.jpgAltynai Makisheva
Senior Medical Registrar                      

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