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Back on deck. The MMA fighter had a surgery at the Presidential Hospital

Aidar Makhmetov was injured performing in the finals of the world jiu-jitsu championship. Before that, the fighter was treated in Germany on a paid basis. Aidar’s friends advised him to pay attention to domestic medicine.

The sportsman had a meniscal tear. The doctors of the municipal polyclinic referred Aidar Makhmetov to the Presidential Hospital for surgery.

“It’s been 25 years since I went to our hospitals. My friends recommended me the Presidential Hospital. Before that I was treated in Germany and I can say for sure that this Hospital is not inferior to foreign ones, even better equipment and food”, - said Aidar Akhmetov.

The surgery was performed by “arthroscopy of the knee joint”. This is a modern and minimally invasive surgical procedure, which allows for small incisions on the body.

“We perform such surgeries free of charge for all citizens of Kazakhstan, through the hospitalization portal under the Compulsory Social Health Insurance. To get such surgery, the patient shall make an appointment with me for a consultation, where I will explain everything in detail,” said Askar Baimukhametov, a traumatologist at the Presidential Hospital.