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Department for Partnership and Medical Tourism

About the Department   

Department for Partnership and Medical Tourism is established by merging the Center for interaction with partner clinics and the Medical Tourism Department on May 01, 2023.

Goal of the Department

Positioning the Hospital as a Clinic of the world’s best practices, through partnership, cooperation with leading foreign clinics and medical tourism development.

Objectives of the Department 

  • Search, organization of cooperation, interaction and implementation of joint projects with partner clinics and organizations.
  • Development of medical tourism.

The Department is ready to cooperate with foreign and national clinics, healthcare organizations, professional associations, manufacturing companies and distributors in the following areas:

  • Formation and joint implementation with a partner clinic of “turn-key cases” in various areas of medical care: surgical, therapeutic, diagnostic, including development and organization of joint projects, exchange of experience, transfer of knowledge and practical skills.
  • Organizing and conducting of joint educational master-classes, internships.
  • Arranging visits of specialists from partner clinics in order to conduct joint consultations and treatment of patients with various pathologies with the Hospital specialists at the Hospital and at partner clinics, including via telemedicine.
  • Transferring and implementation of new medical technologies used in the Hospital and in partner clinics (providing information about technologies, treatment standards, medical equipment, medicines, etc.).
  • Ensuring medical academic exchange between parties (organization and holding of joint scientific forums, round tables, conferences, joint publications in medical journals).
  • Mutual use of “Partner Clinic” logos in order to jointly promote medical services and improve the image and attractiveness.

The Department provides full organizational and methodological support for obtaining quality and safe medical services by medical tourists from other countries.

  • organization and cooperation with international organizations and companies in the field of medical tourism development;
  • organization of information and medical tours for the medical tourism development;
  • promotion of services and opportunities.

Expected results:

  • application the best world experience in medical services;
  • involvement of top specialists from the  near and far abroad;
  • improvement and compliance with a high level of quality;
  • attraction of investments and grants to the Hospital;
  • implementation of professional development, retraining of personnel and their competitiveness in the labor market;
  • progressive growth in the number of medical tourists.

Specialists of the Department:

Казбеков Кайрат Туреханович.jpg

Kairat Kazbekov
Head of Department
Doctor of the Highest Category
Management in health care
Bachelor in State and Local Administration

Kuralay Assilbekova
Senior Specialist
Bachelor in Translation studies
Telephone: +7-7172 -70- 79-98

Akerke Umralina
Leading Specialist
MBA in Public Health
Bachelor in Economics and Management
Telephone: +7-7172 -70- 65-26

Svetlana Izbaskankyzy
Leading Specialist
Master of Humanities in International relations
Bachelor in Foreign language
Telephone: +7-7172 -70- 65-26

Kunduz Beisenova
Bachelor in Translation studies, Management
Telephone:+7-7172-70-78-80 (extension No 7113)

Adilkhan Akdauletov
Bachelor in International Economics, Legal Studies
Telephone: +7-7172-70-73-19

Contact details:

Office 57, 4th floor, Block C2

Telephone: +7-7172-70-80-14


Office 4, 1st floor, Block F

Telephone: +7-7172-70-79-98


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