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Somatic Department

About the Department
The Somatic Department is a structural division of the Presidential Hospital and designed to provide specialized care to patients with a therapeutic profile, including high-tech care in therapy, cardiology. The Somatic Department is for 13 beds. The Department has single and double rooms of superior comfort. The Department staff adheres to an individual, attentive approach to patients. The highly qualified doctors of the Department, combined with the extensive capabilities of the hospital, allow to provide a high level of diagnosing the wide range of internal organ diseases in a short time. The treatment is carried out in strict accordance with national and international standards with proven effectiveness and expediency. The Department also performs a full comprehensive Checkup, which takes from one to three days.

Services of the Department

  • diagnostics and treatment of therapeutic pathology
  • diagnostic search for the fever cause of unknown origin
  • provision of specialized, including high-tech medical care in “cardiology” profile to patients with the cardiovascular system diseases
  • prevention and treatment of allergic diseases
  • preoperative clinical and laboratory examination before the planned surgical treatment in the departments of the surgical profile
  • provision of advisory assistance by doctors of other specialties on the issues of diagnostics, treatment of patients with combined therapeutic pathology
  • Check-Up

Doctors of the Department

Сулейменова ДЕ.jpgDina Yerbolkyzy Suleimenova
Chief of Department
General Practitioner
Тhe First Category
Work experience: 11 years

Джолдасбекова РШ.jpgRaily Shymyrbayeva Dzholdasbekova
General Practitioner
Тhe Highest Category
Work experience: 42 years

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