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The Department of Strategic and Innovative Development

The Department of Strategic and Innovative Development as a structural subdivision of the RSE "Medical Center Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan» has been functioning since April 2015.

The main goal of the department is to assist in the transfer and implementation of new methods and technologies (innovations) in the practical healthcare of the Republic on the basis of safety assessment and clinical and economic efficiency (hospital assessment of healthcare technologies).

The main tasks of the department are:
1) Methodological support of the transfer and introduction of new technologies into the practice of the Hospital, taking into account the achievements of modern medical science and technology;
2) Evaluation and selection of medical technologies based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, taking into account clinical effectiveness, safety and economic feasibility for subsequent implementation in Hospital practice;
3) Transfer of implemented medical technologies to the practical healthcare of the Republic, including the implementation of measures for the development/revision of clinical protocols of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the formation and submission of applications for inclusion in the lists of technologies reimbursed at the expense of guaranteed volume of free medical care and in the compulsory social health insurance system (emergency medical services, high-tech medical care, medical services billing agent);
4) Formation and submission of applications for admission to high-tech medical care (HTMC) within the framework of the state order;
5) Organizing and ensuring the development and approval of the Hospital Development Strategy and the Strategy implementation plan;
6) Coordination of innovative activities in subordinate organizations of the Medical Center Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Personnel of the department:
1. Andrey Avdeyev - Head of the Department of Strategic and Innovative Development, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), author of more than 40 scientific publications, including in international peer-reviewed journals. He is an active member of the International Society for the Assessment of Technologies in Healthcare (HTAi) and the International Society for Research in the Field of Pharmacoeconomics and Clinical Outcomes (ISPOR).
2. Ruslan Akhmedullin is a leading specialist, Bachelor of Economics and Business.
3. Okesh Mahabbat is specialist, general surgeon physician.
4. Aimanova Tansholpan is specialist, Master of Biotechnology.
5. Gulzada Barieva is specialist, Master of Philosophy in Public Health. 
6. Makpal Akhmetova is specialist, Master of Philosophy in Public Health.


Created on the basis of the department, the Center for Hospital Assessment of Healthcare Technologies is the first example in Kazakhstan of the introduction and use of a system for evaluating medical technologies (healthcare technologies) at the level of a separate medical organization.

The Center's employees regularly publish the results of their own experience in implementing and using the hospital AHT system for making scientifically-based management decisions:
- Database of reports on hospital assessment of healthcare technologies;
- The main results of the scientific and methodological activities of the Center in the field of hospital (AHT).

The Hospital AHT Center cooperates with the following international organizations:
- International Society for Health Technology Assessment (Health Technology Assessment international, HTAi,, where the Hospital of the Presidential Hospital is a member of the working group on hospital (AHT);
- Association of Specialists in the Evaluation of Technologies in Healthcare (Russian Federation),;

As part of its activities, the Hospital AHT Center will be glad to cooperate with healthcare organizations, professional associations, manufacturing companies and distributors in the following areas:
- Transfer and introduction of new technologies in the practical healthcare of the republic;
- Testing of new technologies on the basis of the Presidential Hospital;
- Conducting a clinical and economic (including pharmacoeconomical) analysis of the feasibility of introducing various medical technologies into practice (medical equipment, devices and medical products, medicines and biologically active compounds, clinical and diagnostic procedures, IT technologies);
- Conducting a hospital assessment of medical technologies.

Contact details:
Address: Astana, st. E-495, block F, 3rd floor, office 42
Phone: +7-7172-70-79-58

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