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Surgery Department No.3 (traumatology)

About the Department

The Surgery Department No.3 provides care to patients with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries of various origins and complexity, including emergencies. The department is equipped with the powerful diagnostic complex, modern operating room and rehabilitation complex.

The Hospital has specialists of the highest and first qualification with long-term experience, who will find the best solution for your disease. The method of treatment is chosen for each patient based on the individual characteristics of the disease. We offer medical care at the highest level - in accordance with modern European standards.

The Department has 25 beds and provides treatment in comfortable wards based on international standards. Specialists of the Department have been trained in the world’s leading clinics and have mastered the latest technologies in surgical treatment. The nurses have excellent practical skills and provide high-quality medical care.

Services of the Department

  • knee and hip replacement
  • revision knee and hip arthroplasty
  • arthroscopic knee examination
  • arthroscopic treatment of meniscus and cruciate ligament injuries, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder for habitual dislocations of the shoulder joint (arthroscopic technique of Latergé), articular cartilage damage, deforming arthrosis of knee joints, instability (subluxations) of the kneecap
  • arthroscopic treatment of hip joint injuries
  • arthroscopic treatment of ankle and elbow injuries
  • treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures
  • leg lengthening and curvature correction
  • treatment of valgus deformity of the first toe (“bones”, “lumps” on the big toe)
  • treatment of fractures of various localizations of the upper and lower extremities, fractures/dislocations of the clavicle.
  • removal of hardware
  • ankle arthrodesis
  • treatment of wrist injuries


  • Joints ligaments arthroscopic plasty in different modifications (without supplies)
  • Arthroscopic recovery of inner components of joints including cruciate ligaments (without supplies)
  • Arthroscopic removal of pathological components (cartilage flap, arthrosis etc.) (without supplies)
  • Reductive and plastic manipulations on foot bones, hand (without supplies)
  • Diagnostic arthroscopy, remedial joints lavage (without supplies)
  • Excision and elimination of bunion of the toe and other deformities of the toe (without supplies)
  • Laser arthroscopy of vaporized meniscus, partly synovectomy (without supplies)
  • Local excision of affected area or bone tissue (without supplies)
  • Procedure on muscle, chorda, band and synovial articulation including hand (without supplies)
  • Metal osteosynthesis of different fractures (without supplies)
  • Primary surgical treatment of the wound (without supplies)
  • Plastics of finger tendon (without supplies)
  • Removal of implemented facilities from bone (without supplies)
  • Removal of superficial metal structures (without supplies)
  • Removal of compound metal constructions (without supplies)
  • Endoprosthesis of knee joint (without supplies and prothesis)
  • Endoprosthesis of hip joint (without supplies and prothesis)
  • Joint block (without medication)
  • Joint block (with medication)
  • Neck and lumbar spine block
  • Intraarticular injection without medicine
  • Intraarticular injection with medicine
  • Dislocation and fracture reposition
  • Cast (Dezo)
  • Plaster bandage upper limbs with Scotchcast
  • Plaster bandage upper limbs
  • Plaster bandage lower limbs with Scotchcast
  • Plaster bandage lower limbs
  • Ointment compress
  • Anaestesia with ketonal
  • Joint puncture (1 joint)
  • Primary surgical treatment of wound
  • Ilizarov’s apparatus removal
  • Plaster bandage removal
  • Elastic bandage (without bandage cost)
  • Elastic bandage (with bandage cost)


Could you imagine a surgery in which a surgeon would perform the entire manipulation through two incisions only 5 millimeters long? Today medicine not only expands its boundaries in the field of treatment and diagnostics, but also strives to do it beautifully: so that when performing certain manipulations on the patient's body, it does not remain traces and scars, and recovery proceeds much faster. Such operations are also called “mini-invasive” in professional language. Today, they are performed in many areas of surgery, including orthopedics and traumatology at the Presidential Hospital.

Today, traumatologists-orthopedists of the Hospital perform more than 30 types of surgeries for patients with injuries and problems in the joints:
- knee/hip replacement surgeries
- arthroscopic examination of the knee joint
- arthroscopic treatment: damaged meniscus, cruciate ligaments, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
- arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder in the usual dislocations of the shoulder joint, damage to articular cartilage, deforming arthrosis of the knee joints, instability (subluxation) of the patella
- treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures
- lengthening the legs and correcting the curvature of the legs
- treatment of valgus deformity of the first toe (“bones”, “bumps” on the first toe)
- treatment of fractures of the upper and lower extremities, fractures/dislocations of the clavicle.
- removal of steel structures
- arthrodesis of the ankle joint
- treatment of hand/wrist injuries

One of the low-impact and minimally invasive technologies in traumatology and orthopedics is arthroscopy. “Arthro” means joint, “Scopia” is - examination, therefore, the name of the manipulation literally can be translated as “examination of a joint with a video camera”.
The Presidential Hospital doctors perform arthroscopy on the knee, shoulder and hip joints. This surgery is performed through small punctures in the joint half a centimeter long. Doctors insert a video camera (arthroscope), which helps them to have a closer look at all parts of the joint and hold.

Arthroscopic surgeries are performed on the endoscopic equipment of the world's leading manufacturers (“Karl Storz”, “Karl Zeiss” Germany), electron-optical converter (“Siemens” Germany), for replacement of large joints and metal osteosynthesis in case of bone fractures, the following medical devices are used (“DePuy J&J” USA; “Medtronic” USA; “Stryker” USA; “B. Braun-Aesculap” Germany).

At our Hospital, we offer the patient not only treatment, but also a program of recovery after surgery for his speedy return to normal life and getting more effect from the manipulation. To do this, our Department of traumatology, orthopedics and eye microsurgery) closely cooperates with the rehabilitation center and of the Presidential Hospital, where the patient can get the services of our physiotherapists, doctors of physical therapy, as well as undergo rehabilitation procedures in the “Health resort” without leaving the Hospital. Thus, we try not only to perform the surgery efficiently, but also to provide the patient with a comprehensive recovery, after which s/he could get well quickly.

Doctors of the Department

Искаков Булат Серикович.JPG
Bulat Iskakov
Chief of the Department
The Highest Category
Work experience: 15 years
Баймухаметов Аскар Турсынович.JPG
Askar Baimukhametov
Orthopaedic traumatologist
The Highest Category
Work experience: 19 years
Ачилов Тимур Таирович.JPG
Timur Achilov
Orthopaedic traumatologist
The Highest Category
Work experience: 10 years
Джума-Ахунов Мухитдин Абдуллаевич.JPG
Mukhitdin Dzhuma-Akhunov
Orthopaedic traumatologist
The Highest Category
Work experience: 10 years
Anuarbek Kulcharov
Orthopaedic traumatologist
The First Category
Work experience: 13 years

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