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The objectives and priorities of the Center


Conducting research programs in the field of gerontology (the main objective);

Development of cooperation with local and foreign organizations in the framework of joint work in the field of scientific and educational projects;

Study of the demographic aspects of population aging;

Study of the human genotype in order to improve the methods of diagnosis, prediction and treatment of age-related pathology;

Organization of the work of temporary research teams to conduct scientific and methodological research on current issues of gerontology.

Research priority areas:

Development of methodological approaches to the development of predictive medicine for the early detection and prevention of the risks of premature aging in persons suffering from metabolic syndrome;

Development of a scientifically based program to identify the risk of early occurrence of the most common age-associated diseases and to determine the age scale (range) for the risk of the occurrence of the main age-related diseases in the assigned cohort;

The study of the social determinants of biological and psychological aging of adhered contingent taking into account the distribution of the gradient of changes in health indicators at various levels of government.