Information «Abdominal ultrasound»

For patient:

  • The patient must be in the fasting state when the test performed. If diagnostic is in the morning last meal should be not later than at 7.00-8.00 pm of the previous day.

  • You have to keep diet before abdominal ultrasound: a few days before procedure have to exclude from your meal products causing aerogenesis (bean, whole wheat bread, raw fruits and vegetables, asparagus, dairy products, sweets).

  • A few days before ultrasound (after agreement with doctor in charge), before main meal have to take 2 tablets of ehspumizan or activated carbon.

  • In case if tests not in the morning patient (especially with diabetes) is allowed to drink unsweetened tea and slice of hard baked wheat bread.

  • Before procedure refrain from smoking, because it can cause gastric arrhythmias and results can be not accurate.

  • If patient has disease that require constant medication therapy (ischemic heart disease, hypertonia) should not refuse from medication intake. Before abdominal ultrasound, you have to inform doctor about administered medications.