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Information about health schools

In the period from 18 to 23 April 2016 at the Health School of Healthy Lifestyles Center were held classes: «Healthy heart, healthy vessels," "Asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)," "Diabetes", "You will having a baby! "," Active Aging ".

18 and 22 April, 2016 in the Health School "Active Aging" class the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the elderly, the principles of nutrition and prevention of diseases such as hypertension and breast cancer discussed. Patients were shown slides of breast self-exam, the scheme of nutrition etc.


19 April 2016, "Healthy heart, healthy vessels" class prevention of hypertension lesson was presented: "What is this disease like, prevalence rate, causes, clinical features, diagnostic and treatment."

Questions of prevention, the principles of healthy lifestyle, healthy diet were discoursed.


In April 20, 2016 for health school patients' “Asthma and COPD" information on COPD disease were provided (definition of the disease, causes, symptoms, diagnostic and treatment). Classes are held in an interactive manner using moulages, in which the changes of bronchi form during this disease were demonstrated, the rules of medicines administration, as well as the measurement of vital lung volume using a peak flow meter. Patients’ questions were answered to their satisfaction.


In April 21, 2016 "School of diabetes" actively took place, with patients who are on the "D" list for diabetes, issues of nutrition during this disease, clinical signs, diagnostics, treatment and prevention methods were considered. For the purpose of self-help skills training on how to use the blood glucose meter, to determine body mass index has been shown.


In the health school "You will have a baby!" Held another classes for future mothers. Multidisciplinary team consisting of a therapist, neonatologist, gynecologist and psychologist gives classes. Topics include: what is the delivery, worrying signs, rules of birth, nutrition rules during pregnancy, newborn care, as well as maintaining the correct way of life, positive attitude to labor.


We invite everyone to attend classes on subjects according to the schedule!

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