Bronchial asthma prevention class

May 4, 2016 in Healthy Lifestyle Center was held training on prevention of bronchial asthma.

World Asthma Day proclaimed by the World Health Organization in 1998 and is held annually every first Tuesday of May.


Asthma - is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that is characterized by partial and reversible obstruction of the airways (bronchi), coughing fit and asphyxia, bronchial hyperactivity.

Disease factors are: heredity, allergens, environmental factors, detergents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. These patients can have urticaria, Quincke's edema, and food intolerances.

Symptoms of asthma: asthma and shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing and paroxysmal cough and a feeling of chest congestion.

Bronchial asthma is characterized by seasonal recrudescence, may occur by contact with allergens, at night, during exercise. Symptoms may be absent between asthma episodes. 

Treatment and prevention: stopping allergens by use of air purifiers, air conditioners, humidifiers, anti-dust mites, special blankets for bedding, remove carpets and do not keep pets, hypoallergenic diet and other measures.

Doctor, taking into account the morbidity, complications of the underlying disease and the presence of comorbidities, prescribes drug therapy.


During asthma treatment, as with many other chronic diseases, it is required almost constant supervision. Half of the successful treatment literally depend on the patient. Contact with doctor, self-control will help to reduce the symptoms to a minimum, improve the quality of life and achieve long-term remission. Awareness in illness is an integral part of prevention asthma complications, and this information you can get in our health school "Free breathing." 

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