An interesting case from clinical practice of MDC of MC Hospital

In medical-diagnostic center of "Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan» addressed patient K., 1985 with a diagnosis of "Hyperhidrosis", simply - excessive sweating that occurs, regardless from physical factors: increased mobility, overheating, high ambient or other environment. Many people think that it is not possible to get rid of this disease, but the problem can be solved. According to the young man, he went to the city clinic at place of residence to receive medical service through the hospitalization portal. Specialists of Medical organization sent him for a free consultation in medical diagnostic center of "Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Оспанов Орал Базарбаевич Oral Ospanov accepted patient and performed the surgery in elimination of sweating.

The doctor said: "There are patients who suffer from intense sweating. And it's not even the case of sweaty armpits, and one where a person due to excessive moisture palms awkward to shake hands, pick up documents, after which documents become wet, etc. Patient - young man who suffers from hyperhidrosis, simply, this means increased sweating, which is an obstacle to the patient to work and live. This pathology often goes parallel with Raynaud's syndrome. The reason for this is the imbalance of sympatic and parasympathetic branches of the involuntary nervous system, which innervates all significant organs. The essence of this procedure is that the sympatic ganglia are removed from each side by three nodes (second to fourth) respectively decreases exposure to the sweat glands in a hand level. Our technique has several advantages: we have simplified the anesthesia due to the absence of necessity in separate lungs intubation; We use the minimum size tools and high-quality video system with high resolution, so procedure is made through small punctures up to 3mm, which reduces traumatization and rehabilitation period; the effect of the operation can be felt already on the operating table - the patient's hands become dry, redden and become warmer due to increased blood flow; no drains are left in the pleural cavity, patients discharge from Hospital is carried out on 3d day after surgery. Nowadays in Kazakhstan market, it is a kind of know-how.

There are cosmetic injections to solve this problem, "Botox", but it has temporary effect, therefore, these injections need to be administered continuously. Therefore, we carry out such operations, which help to eliminate the problem of sweating forever. In Kazakhstan, about thousand of people suffer from hyperhidrosis, but not many people have decided to do surgery, if they made decision, they go abroad to have this operation, but we perform this operation here in MDC " Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan" as on paid basis, so in the framework of guaranteed amount of free medical care program.

Here is what the patient K. says about his impressions after the operation: "This is the third day I am in the hospital after surgery. I feel well, and no longer have a problem with sweating. Previously, I was sweating heavily in my back, so there was a problem with the wet clothes in that area. Now I can easily wear a shirt without fear of getting side looks. I would like to thank the experienced doctors who have helped me with my problem".

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