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Department of Commercial Services Monitoring

The Department of Commercial Services Monitoring (hereinafter the “Department”) is the structural subdivision of the RSE Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Department carries out its activities in coordination with structural subdivisions of the Hospital and other legal entities and individuals. 

Main objectives of the Department include:

1) Support of efficient work of the Hospital’ subdivisions providing commercial services;

2) Organization of provision of commercial medical services in accordance with the existing legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal regulations of the Hospital;

3) Development of actions to increase the profitability of commercial services;

4) Preparation of economic information necessary for the administration of the Hospital for making managerial decisions;

5) Economic analysis of the activity of the Hospital’ subdivisions providing commercial services;

6) Development of actions for the efficient organization of commercial services in the Hospital, reduction of costs of commercial services, increase of economic efficiency of commercial services, increase of financial return and profit, elimination of losses and unreasonable expenses;

Core functions of the Department:

1) Preparation, signing of and control over performance of agreements on commercial medical services;

2)  Preparation of calculations and product cost estimates of commercial services, and price list of commercial services;

3) Provision of consultation for purchasers of commercial medical services of the Hospital on the issues falling within the competence of the Department;

4) Issue of invoices for payment and tax invoices of commercial services provided to customers of the Hospital;

5) Submission of required summarizing materials and certificates according to the results of the analysis of the Hospital’s production and commercial operation associated with the provision of commercial services, to the management of the Hospital and the competent authority;

To ensure the increase in the quality and quantity of commercial medical services the Department carries out and plans a number of following actions:

- commercial VIP Department on the basis of special department has been established;

- work with insurance companies is conducted for bringing in new large-scale national companies for the provision of medical service.

- check up programs have been developed. 

Contact details: Astana, Е 495 street, No. 2, F Block, Room No. 33

Contact numbers: 8(7172) 70-78-93, 70-79-92,

8(7172) 70-79-93 – Physician-Coordinator