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Why people choose neurosurgery of the Presidential Hospital!

You get a team focused on you, the best modern technical equipment, expanded neurosurgical manual, joint impeccable care for everyone.

The neurosurgical team of the Presidential Hospital consists of doctors of the following specialties: neurologist, epileptologist, neuroradiologist, neuroanesthesiologist, neurosurgeon, neurorehabilitologist.

An individual approach is accompanied at all stages of medical care – pre-surgical diagnostics, neurosurgical surgery, postoperative personalized programming and neurorehabilitation.

Teamwork allows us to achieve maximum efficiency in solving complex neurosurgical tasks, for example, in the treatment of diseases such as hard-to-reach tumors and complex brain aneurysms, pharmacoresistant epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

Interventions on the brain and spine can have high risks of complications due to concomitant diseases. Rapid training, risk assessment and operational support of doctors of almost all specialties are a valuable advantage of our multidisciplinary hospital.

The relationship between the patient, his relatives and the doctors of the neurosurgical team is on the wave of dynamic modern development. For example, for a clear and better understanding before the operation, a neurosurgeon can discuss the specifics of the procedure technique, possible complications and solutions using special computer applications.

The commitment to the principle of “Patient’s needs above all” constantly promotes the Hospital's service to a new level, which will make every effort to get the right solution to your need.

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