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X-ray Diagnosis

About the Department

The X-ray Diagnostics Department is equipped with modern equipment, with the help the staff of the Department provides qualified specialized diagnostics to patients.

Our medical staff is constantly improving their qualification, undergoing various specializations on topical issues of radiation diagnostics both in Kazakhstan and in countries near and far abroad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Austria, Prague, Israel, Germany, etc.).

The Department performs such examinations as:

  • X-ray diagnostics of organs and systems (scopy and graphy);
  • specialized X-ray examinations of organs and systems with contrasting
  • digital mammography;
  • breast tomosynthesis;
  • spectral contrast mammography;
  • ductography of mammary ducts of mammary glands;
  • osteodensitometry;
  • 3D CT of sinuses and jaw, orthopantomography, dental examinations.

All kinds of routine radiographic examinations as well as special radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations are performed in X-ray diagnostic rooms using X-ray machines (manufactured in Germany, USA):

  • bone and joint system
  • chest organs
  • abdominal cavity, etc.
  • multiple view fluoroscopy of the esophagus and stomach
  • fluoroscopy of the gastrointestinal tract
  • bowel passage
  • cholangiography
  • fistulography
  • hysterosalpingography
  • cystography
  • intravenous excretory urography
  • dental examinations (dento-mandibular pathology)
In the mammography room, a large amount of work is carried out on early detection of cancer and other breast pathology on a modern digital mammograph (made in Germany), and also since 2023 a unique device 3D tomosynthesis with the function of contrast spectral mammography (made in the USA) has been put into operation. Due to the uniqueness of 3D mammography, high accuracy of diagnostics of oncopathology at the earliest preclinical stages, detection of pathological changes in dense glands, as well as high-quality images of even small calcifications without increasing the radiation dose.

The theory of contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) is based on the success of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of the breast, which is currently the most sensitive of all diagnostic techniques. CESM and MRI with DCU are currently being compared as both techniques are sensitive to vascularization, detect tumor masses, size, shape, and neoangiogenesis. 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) allows:

  • to distinguish areas formed by overlapping anatomical structures from apparent nodules
  • to detect localized heavy tissue remodeling prior to nodule formation
  • microcalcifications, accumulation
  • to avoid false-positive and false-negative judgments about the presence of changes on the background of expressed glandular tissue, especially in reproductive age
  • to reveal suspicious areas for recurrence of tumor masses
  • to observe scar tissue after the surgical period
  • to reduce the number of targeted scans and cases of short (3-6 months) dynamic control, thereby reducing the overall radiation burden on the patient
  • to reduce the need to use other methods of radiation diagnostics
  • to reduce the number of diagnostic puncture biopsies
In the office of osteodensitometry, a bone mineral density test is performed for early diagnosis of osteoporosis. This is a highly accurate method of quantitative assessment of bone mineral density tissue, based on measuring the level of X-ray absorption by bone substance. Our clinic conducts examinations of patients on a high-class osteodensitometer (made in the USA).

  • Determination of bone mineral density (BMD) of lumbar spine
  • Determination of BMD of proximal parts of both femoral bones
  • Determination of BMD of the proximal part of the right femur.
  • Determination of BMD of the proximal part of the left femur.
Diagnosis plays exactly the same huge role in the field of dentistry as it does in any other field of medicine. Positive treatment will depend entirely on how accurately the diagnosis is made. We utilize the latest equipment as well as the most up-to-date techniques in computerized dental and jaw diagnosis. We carry out a new kind on diagnostic examination of the dento-mandibular system. It is 3D computerized pantomography, which is performed on such apparatus as SIRONA ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, GALILEOS 3D and is the most perfect and accurate diagnostics. Such volumetric images allow the doctor to zoom, rotate, and examine all areas of interest from all sides. Convenience and safety of this system allows to get a 3D volumetric image of the entire maxillofacial region with the minimum radiation load in one scan, and is designed for a complete and detailed study and the most accurate diagnosis of each part of the maxillofacial region.

Panoramic orthopantomography (panoramic dental image) allows to visualize the condition of the teeth and periapical tissues as accurately as possible, which is necessary for the dentist to determine treatment tactics.

A panoramic dental image allows to obtain an image of the teeth of both jaws and assess their condition using a digital system:

  • to detect hidden caries or its recurrence
  • to seal failure of fillings
  • to determine the condition of filled canals
  • to diagnose the condition of bone tissue
The operating rooms are equipped with C-arc X-ray machines, under the control of which various surgical interventions are performed.

Doctors of the Department

Kyzylgul Smailova
Chief of the Department
The highest category
Work experience: 26 years

Mahatova Nurzada Iskakovna
The highest category
Work experience: 21 years
Хамитова Динара Аманжановна.jpg
Dinara Khamitova
The highest category
Work experience: 20 years
Букина Жаннат Жакимовна.jpg
Zhannat Bukina
The highest category
Work experience: 20 years
Смаилова Сандугаш Бахытбековна.jpg
Sandugash Smailova
Work experience: 16 years
Master of Medicine

Miltikbayeva Gulzat Manatbekovna
The highest category
Work experience: 15 years
Рахманкулова Салтанат Азаматовна.jpg
Saltanat Rakhmankulova
The highest category
Work experience: 14 years
Турсынканова Жаннур Турсынкановна.jpg
Zhannur Tursynkanova
The first category
Work experience: 12 years

Almagambetov Daniyar Beketovich
The first  category
Work experience: 12 years

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