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Media about us: "KTK: Kazakhstan anesthesiologists will conduct complex operations without general anesthesia"

Kazakhstan anesthesiologists are learning a new method of pain blocking. Now it is possible to carry out complex operations without general anesthesia. Experts from Poland doctors told about regional anesthesia. It had been the fourth day of the operations that they carried out at the Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the RK.

The essence of new method is in the fact that doctor effects on nerve endings and blocks the sensitivity of the operated parts of the body. Without immersion into sleep. Such anesthesia - a great alternative for those patients to whom general anesthesia is contraindicated. The effect of anesthesia starts within fifteen minutes and lasts up to five hours. At this patient is in conscious whole operation. Everybody whom this method was performed feel good and getting better. During week, local doctors visited daily master classes of foreign colleagues and learned new technique. They will actively use received knowledge in their practice.

Bulat Tuyakov, Lecturer, Department of Anesthesiology UVM (Poland):

- The peculiarity is that master-classes are held in a particular hospital for a narrow range of anesthesiologists, and are held directly in the operating room. That is, we can directly perform these operations on the patient, the blockade procedures.

Source: http://www.ktk.kz/ru/news/video/2016/10/20/73108