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Media about us: "Channel 1 Eurasia: In Astana was conducted a number of unique heart operations"

Technology in medicine have reached that point when with the help of special electrodes heart can be literally restarted. The patient can get rid of severe illness, in two hours. Unique operations these days are carried out in the Medical Center Hospital of President’s Administration. Moreover, it is free. Aleksey Mykityuk was observing during operation and ready to share with impression.

Svetlana is the third time on operating table. Serious heart problems: wrong beats. However, today it is a special day and a special chance to be healthy. To the Medical Center Hospital of President’s affairs Administration cardiologist from Tel Aviv Raphael Rousseau has arrived. Remarkably, the patient sees as an excellent doctor saves her life. This is a completely new technology, without using general anesthesia.

"We have a very progressive surgery. We get to the source of the arrhythmia, localize and eliminate it. The heart begins to function normally, "- said Raphael Rousseau, cardiologist.

This operation may last from two to four hours. During his visit specialist from Tel Aviv had already applied the latest technology in order to save a few lives. It is noteworthy that both treatment and consultations of an experienced cardiologist Kazakhstanis received within the guaranteed volume of free medical care. Furthermore, domestic experts mastered heart surgery modern techniques. This is a unique case of an effective exchange of experiences.

"Now we have this experience, and in the future we will introduce this technology everywhere, to buy these electrodes and to conduct operations with the navigation system. We still perform it, but the whole point of the master-class that we start to use a new electrode, very safe for the patient ", - says Rinat Kamiev, arrhythmologist, surgical department №5.

Unique international class experience, without leaving operating table. This is another breakthrough of local medicine. Moreover, not only in cardiac surgery. The health care system is constantly being improved, to ensure that every citizen of the country will get quality medical services.

"Our medical organizations define what technology they would like to introduce, demonstrate. Taking into account experience, practice, and scientific achievements. There is no doubt in proficiency", - says Elzhan Birtanov, Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development of the RK.

Raphael Rousseau expressed a desire for further cooperation with Kazakhstan. The next visit is planned at the end of this year.

Source: http://www.1tv.kz/ru/news/video03102016/glavnye/5