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The Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan implemented method of coronary artery bypass graft surgery through short-scar incision on a beating heart

Our time is a time of rapid development of scientific and technical progress. Therefore, many people forget about their health in the bustle of our everyday work. Everyday stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc. undoubtedly dint on each person's health. With this background, we often do not notice how virulent heart diseases develop. One of such diseases is coronary heart disease. The development of this disease is associated with involvement of coronary (coronary) arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, atherosclerotic plaques that slim artery opening and thus prevent the blood from flowing.

Since middle of last century, the gold standard of coronary heart disease treatment is surgical myocardial revasculization - a coronary bypass operation. Since then, the standard procedure is to perform this operation by interference under artificial circulation through sternotomy access. Artificial circulation allows performing surgery on a stopped heart, providing passing blood circulation avoiding the heart through artificial blood-circulation apparatus where the blood is enriched with oxygen and returned by pump system into the human body. Thus, this device performs the function of organs "lungs - heart" during the main phase of the operation. It is not uncommon in postoperative period after surgery with artificial blood circulation there are cases of complications of the central nervous system, in the form of acute cerebrovascular accident, as well as disorders of kidney and lung function. Since the access is a median sternotomy, that is cut along the middle of the sternum, the integrity of the thorax is affected, which also may lead to complications in the respiratory system, and requires a longer recovery period after surgery.

Стандартный доступ к сердцу через стернотомию
Standard access to the heart through sternotomy

In the last decade, rapidly minimally invasive heart surgery is developing, which is an alternative to traditional cardiac surgery.

Now, in Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the RK, implemented method of coronary artery bypass graft surgery through short-scar incision on a beating heart. Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass surgery is performed in less traumatic way. Unlike traditional operations, which require wide surgical field, here tissue is cut in three or four times smaller site in its length or manipulation performed through several small incisions. As a result, significantly reduced the     extent of blood loss and decreases the risk of wound infection, during recovery period it is much easier to cough, can breathe more deeply, feels not so significant sensation of pain and discomfort, and quicker goes back to his usual way of life. One of the main advantages of these operations is possibility to avoid connecting the patient to the artificial blood circulation apparatus, smooth over complications associated with it.

Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting compared to traditional approach can reduce the length of stay of the patient in the hospital, and in general, recovery period of the patient in a given situation it takes less time than classical bypass surgery, where it spent a half to three months.

АКШ через мини доступ
Short-scar incision CABG

For many people, an important issue after surgery is minimal damage to the skin and preservation of beauty. Due to the minimum cut size, it is minimally invasive cardiac surgery can provide a better cosmetic effect than regular operation.

Послеоперационный рубец после АКШ через стернотомию
After surgical cut after CABG through sternotomy

Послеоперационный рубец после АКШ через минидоступ
After surgical cut after CABG with mini access

In Medical Center Hospital, minimally invasive bypass surgery multivessel CAD coronary flow is conducted. The exclusivity of these operations is that this operation method in our country is carried out only in our hospital. Highly skilled specialists who have great experience in cardiac surgery perform operations. In these surgical procedures provision with needed equipment play a pivotal role.  Operating room where this method of operation is performed equipped with modern high-tech medical equipment and tools, and have no analogues in Kazakhstan.

Thus, with confidence we can say that this surgical interventions technique is perspective, evidenced by its undoubted advantages over conventional cardiac surgery. Therefore, in our hospital, patients have a choice, and they may use the services of minimally invasive cardiac surgery than traditional.

Operations carried out by cardo surgeons: 

Serik Mendikulov
Мендыкулов С.Е

Rustam Albayev
Албаев Рустам Куанышбекович

Talgat ZhakievЖакиев Талгат Базылбекович