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Why clients choose inpatient care in Medical Centre Hospital of PAA of the RK?

We all love to live in comfort and choose the best for ourselves. We build up our home in the best design, choose comfortable hotels to relax, and for the treatment we choose superfine medical care.

Carrying high status of Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, our hospital must be the best medical organization, not only in the country but also abroad. People come to us from different cities to receive inpatient medical treatment, within guaranteed amount of free medical care and on a paid basis.

Why do people choose us?

Firstly, we have highly qualified doctors. There is high-tech and modern medical equipment, operating rooms, which have no analogues in the Central Asia and CIS countries.

Secondly, comfortable stay in the hospital. The hospital offers comfortable single and double bed rooms with individual sanitary units and shower, hairdryer, cable TV, refrigerator, beds with adjustable bending, remote call button, 6 times a day rational diet according to your wishes, a specialized pharmacy.

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Third, in addition to the basic treatment, you can use cosmetologist services; take medicinal bath, swimming pool, sauna, and exercise in physical therapy room.

For women there are such services as mud baths, body peeling, massage, cedar barrels, individual yoga and much more.

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For foreign patients who speak English, French and Turkish languages, personal interpreter, who will help in communicating with physicians and help them organize cultural and touristic programs.

Medical Centre Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan are always open for you!