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In the Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, master class of Dr. Alexander Belenky is held

On the basis of Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 20 to 24 June of 2016 with participation of Head Department of Interventional Radiology of Beilinson Hospital, chief endovascular surgeon in the field of stenting and interventional radiology of "Assuta" hospital complex (Tel-Aviv, Israel) Dr. Alexander Belenky training (master Class) is conducted.

As part of the master class on June 21 was held an operation to the patient with "Complicated aortic aneurysm affecting the main branches" diagnosis.

Before the operation, the staff of marketing and advertising department managed to interview Dr. Belenky. 

- Doctor, what kind of operation is carried out today?

- Currently, regular operation on coronary arteries. This operation is not unique, but in our master class during this visit, two operations are planned to be carried out for the first time in Kazakhstan together with the cardio and vascular surgeons. These, aortic treatment surgeries in a very large length with vessel revascularization before pre-prosthesis of aorta. This kind of hybrid technology combination is actually performed for the first time in Kazakhstan. 

- When was your first visit to Kazakhstan?

- I did first operation of aneurysm in Kazakhstan in 1997. Since then, methods have been introduced, many of my students work and a lot of similar operations carried out, but still there are new techniques, new operations, new opportunities, and every year we go to amplification of the operations that can be performed in Kazakhstan. 

- How would you rate the level of our doctors now?

- The level is very good, especially in technical terms, improved the state of knowledge. Due to the fact that Kazakhstan is getting accreditation, systemization and receiving good results in all clinics, procedures and requirements standardization improve work quality. However, the learning process after graduation education is still quite weak, because there is no teaching organization after graduation, as it is set in the Western world. It still needs to be done. 

I have visited Kazakhstan for 7 years and for 7 years a huge way was done, but in the last 7 years to catch up with 35-year backlog that has developed in the last years of Soviet system and the first years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan is very difficult, and I doubt that there is another country that goes with faster pace, so we must give a credit, a lot is done and accomplished. I am very proud of my students who work in MC Hospital of PAA of the RK, in the Syzganov Institute, Karaganda, in emergency care hospital. Very good specialists, very promising, I wish them success. 

- Do you have any suggestions?

- I would like to say THANK You to the Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Organization, who invited me and organized these courses. I think this is a very important step towards the improvement of the didactic base for specialists’ postgraduate training.