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Complex high-tech operations

With laconic surgeon language, he told the following: "Patient B., 62 years old, in pre-hospital stage revealed aneurysmal dilatation of abdominal aorta of the largest vessel in the human organism. The aim of surgical intervention in such cases, to prevent aneurysm rupture. Opportunity to strengthen aorta wall from inside is provided by modern endoprosthesis - implantation of the stent graft technique. According to statistics, and myocardial infarction in the past, aortic aneurysm occurs in this age with additional atherosclerotic lesions in arteries of other systems. Patient had coronary angiography (study of the coronary arteries), which identified three vascular coronary bed lesion that aggravate treatment process of the underlying disease. It was decided to hold two teams of surgeons for single-step hybrid operation: heart coronary artery bypass surgery and the implantation of the stent graft in the abdominal aorta in the high-tech hybrid operation room that has no analogues in Kazakhstan. During the operation, the injured site of the aorta was covered with a metal frame, which is covered with a special sealing material, through small incisions of the pelvic area. At the same time performed coronary artery bypass surgery".

It should be noted that performing such operations surgeons must take into account a lot of nuances and technical aspects, but, in spite of the difficult technique of surgical treatment of aneurysms of the aorta and coronary disease, surgeons experience and equipment in a hybrid operating room allowed to perform the operation as it was planned. Now the patient is discharged, in good condition and comply with the recommendations of our doctors.

Describing the second operation, Sergey Musayev was even briefer: "Patient C., 55 years old, was admitted to the cardiovascular surgery department with the diagnosis "dissecting aneurysms of the thoracic aorta" (defective expansion of the vessels, which can break and lead to a certain death). Traditional open surgery in such cases are extremely complex and involve a high risk of postoperative complications. Taking into account all this, endovascular stenting of the aorta in the hybrid operating room was performed, which allowed not only to perform the surgery without complications, but also to save his life. Now the patient is transferred to the cardiovascular surgery department in a satisfactory condition".

Heart filled with joy and pride by the achievements of our medicine, because MC Hospital of PAA of the RK has wonderful opportunities and facilities to carry out such operations with high-tech equipment in the new multifunctional hybrid operating room with the latest technology!

On the eve of the professional holiday - the Day of the medical worker would like to congratulate great team of Medical Center Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan and wish them new successes and achievements!

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