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3 team place among medical organizations in the Spartakiad in swimming

Congratulations to our colleagues Alia Gizatullina and Aslan Zhunisbaev, who took 3 place in the team in the Spartakiad in swimming among medical organizations of Astana. At the same time, Aslan was the best among men competed.

Games among medical organizations of Astana city held within the framework of the State Program for Health Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Densaulyk" for 2016 - 2019 years in order to:

- Development of mass sports;

- Attracting broad layers of population to systematic physical exercise and sports, health promotion, improve efficiency and reduce the incidence among workers;

- Approval of healthy lifestyle by physical exercise and sports;

- Improving the image of health care worker;

- Implementation of urban Sectoral agreement on 2015-2017 years. 

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2016.05.15 плавание 3

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