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International Scientific Conference "Regenerative medicine and quality of longevity"

In 11-12 May 2016 in the Nazarbayev University the IV International Conference "Regenerative medicine and quality of longevity." Deputy Head of the Research Institute of Gerontology and Anti-Aging Medicine (hereinafter - the Research Institute of Gerontology) Tamara Voshchenkova and Head Section of Clinical Research Institute of Gerontology Temirkhan Kulhan (as speakers of the scientific program of the conference) presented a report on the development prospects of the Research Institute of Gerontology in the next 5 years. 

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the current issues and opportunities in the field of regenerative medicine and scientific bases of longevity quality, with a primary focus on the development of international cooperation in innovative research and breakthrough scientific research in the field of gerontology and biomedicine.

Well-known scientists attended the conference from leading universities of Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Russia, China and South Korea, as well as heads of research organizations and state bodies of Kazakhstan, representatives of state and commercial education and health organizations.

During the Conference, there were discussion about the prospects of mutually beneficial cooperation between members of the research Institute of Gerontology and representatives of Nazarbayev University ( namely - with employees of National Laboratory Astana), where bioengineering research institutes, regenerative medicine and neuroscience, genomic medicine, experimental and clinical pharmacology and Pharmacy, biosensor technology, created and effectively functioning. The results of mutual research of Gerontology Research Institute and National Laboratory Astana will provide the basis for national management program of age-related diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan. For more information about conferences you can contact the Research Institute of Gerontology by phone +77172 708090 (707497, 707496).