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Medical Centre Hospital of PAA RK - first Hospital in Kazakhstan, which is accredited on carrying out clinical trials, according to new regulations

As the preparatory stage of clinical trials planning in the Hospital, the Hospital has passed the accreditation, which gives the right to conduct clinical trials. According to the Ministry of health and social development of RK, order No. 90 February "11", 2016, MCH PAA RK is accredited to have right on carrying out clinical trials * of pharmacological and medicinal products, articles for medical use and medical equipment for:

1) Clinical trials of medications (II-IV phase);

2) Researches of bioequivalent medicines;

3) Multi-center center clinical trial;

4) International multi-center center clinical trial.


*Clinical trial — scientific research with participation of people, which is carried out for the purpose of an effective evaluation and safety of new medicine or indications enhancement of using already known medicine. Clinical trials can also study efficiency and safety of new invasive (including surgical) and noninvasive methods of treatment and diagnostics.

Clinical trials around the world are the integral development stage of medicaments, which precedes it registration and a wide medical application. During clinical trials, the new medications are studied for its efficiency and safety. Based on these data the authorized body of health care makes the decision on registration of medication or refusal in registration. The medicament, which has not passed clinical trials cannot be registered and brought to the market.

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