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Capsule endoscopy in the Presidential Hospital

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Capsule endoscopy is a study of the intestines using a special capsule with a built-in video camera, which the patient swallows like a regular tablet.

This modern method of examining the gastrointestinal tract is available at the Presidential Hospital. It allows visualizing areas of the intestine that are inaccessible to traditional methods of gastro and colonoscopy.

Advantages of the method:
• It does not require anesthesia and hospitalization
• High diagnostic accuracy in the study of hard-to-reach parts of the small intestine
• Non-invasive method
• Painless
• It saves a significant amount of time

Capsule endoscopy is effective in case of:
• hidden gastric and intestinal bleeding, which manifests itself in the form of black stools and according to the results of tests;
• pain in the stomach and intestines in the absence of pathology after gastroscopy and colonoscopy;
• prolonged anemia;
• various neoplasms in the small intestine (polyps, lymphomas, lipomas, hemangiomas, carcinomas, etc.);
• enteritis (loose stools, increased gas formation);
• tuberculosis;
• Crohn’s disease;
• celiac disease;
• amyloidosis;
• intestinal irritation caused by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, analginum, nurofen, etc.).

• strictures and fistulas of the intestine;
• gastrointestinal obstruction;
• presence of cardiological and / or neurological electronic stimulator;
• swallowing problem.

All over the world, capsule endoscopy is the “gold standard” in the diagnosis of diseases of the small intestine. The procedure is non-invasive and painless.

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