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Today, an operation to improve hearing was performed in our Hospital

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The patient, who had suffered from a hearing disorder and ear discharge for a long time, was regained to health by tympanoplasty.

This is an operation aimed at restoring the disturbed elements of the middle ear, including the eardrum, the chain of auditory bones, the auditory tube and the tympanic cavity.
It is performed under general anesthesia through the external auditory meatus. The operation requires great accuracy and is done under a microscope. The operation usually ends with myringoplasty (surgical intervention aimed at closing the perforation of the eardrum).

This hearing-improving operation to restore the eardrum was performed by Dr.Arman Kakimzhanovich Nagumanov, ENT doctor, using the modern technology of onlay surgical treatment.

Our Hospital provides specialized care both on a planned and emergency basis to patients with various ENT pathologies.

It is worth noting that the technological equipment of the Hospital allows to perform unique operations in the middle ear on an area of one cubic centimeter. This type of operation restores hearing even with advanced hearing loss.

We wish the patient a speedy recovery and good health.