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About Hospital

RSE “Medical Center Hospital of the President’s affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan” on REU  as corporate multidisciplinary medical organization for health protection of  state employees, was opened in Astana in 1997 in connection with the transfer of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Almaty and provides the attached contingent with the all types of medical care - emergency medical care, pre-hospital medical care, primary health care, specialized, including high-tech medical care, medical rehabilitative care, medical treatment of the population.

Since March 2015, the Hospital is located in a new building and is a modern multidisciplinary medical facility to provide medical care to state employees and certain categories of citizens assigned to the Medical Center; citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the state order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the statutory free medical assistance (SFMA) and in еру Compulsory Social Health Insurance (CSHI); and on a paid and contractual basis to both residents and foreign patients.

The medical and diagnostic departments of the Hospital are equipped with modern medical equipment, and all doctors and nurses undergo a rigorous qualification selection process upon hiring. The staff of the Hospital includes doctors and Candidates of Medical Sciences, PhDs, Doctors with the Highest and First Qualification Category. All specialists are trained, and improve their qualifications in leading clinics in the near and far abroad.

The main activity of the Hospital is aimed at the introduction and successful implementation of innovative projects and technologies to ensure a high level of quality and safety of medical care, optimization of operational procedures and modernization of the treatment process. Currently, more than 90% of all surgeries in the Hospital are performed using endoscopic technologies. Diagnostic algorithms and treatment regimens are based on the principles of evidence-based medicine.

The outpatient department works on early detection and timely treatment of patients with cancer pathology. Now there is an intensified integration with Nazarbayev University and the National Center of Biotechnology in the field of scientific research. The Hospital has received a certificate of accreditation as an entity engaged in scientific activities.

Since 2018, a laboratory for personalized genomic diagnostics has been successfully operating, which is the basis for high-tech molecular genetic studies using NGS technology to determine genetic predisposition to various diseases, determination of sensitivity to drugs and selection of targeted therapy, prediction of hereditary diseases, diagnosis of cancer at the genetic level.

In October 2018, the Kazakhstan International Referent and Training Center for Robotic Surgery was opened at the Hospital. The robotic system installed at the Hospital allows laparoscopic robotic-assisted operations in urology, gynecology and general surgery.

For the first time in the country, a laboratory has been opened for practicing in vivo surgical manipulations on operating tables equipped with endoscopic racks and a training robotic system, the necessary sets of modern instruments and suture materials.

Innovative approaches in diagnostics are the development of nuclear medicine. The Hospital’s Nuclear Medicine Center has professionally trained staff in the synthesis of cyclotron radioactive isotopes, synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals, positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography (PET/CT) and single photon emission computed tomography combined with computed tomography (SPECT/CT).

PET/CT makes it possible to detect functional and morphological changes in various organs and tissues at early stages of pathological process development, to carry out diagnosis on this basis, to substantiate and timely prescribe adequate treatment. In oncological practice, PET/CT in the course of whole body examination allows to detect a primary malignant tumor and metastases of practically any localization.

SPECT/CT (gamma camera) is the main tool of modern radionuclide diagnostics. Gamma cameras are designed to visualize and study the kinetics of radiopharmaceuticals in internal organs and physiological systems of the patient’s body for the purpose of early diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular and other human diseases.

Since 2021, a new CHECK-UP diagnostic department has been functioning, designed according to modern international standards, allowing all stages of CHECK-UP diagnostics in one department to be completed in the shortest possible time. The Hospital is also actively developing such areas as neurosurgery and epilepsy treatment, hybrid cardiovascular surgery, medical rehabilitation (cardiac rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation and trauma rehabilitation), endoscopy, MRI and CT diagnostics, mini-invasive surgery, etc.

The Hospital received JCI accreditation for compliance with the international standards of quality and safety of medical activities dated April 13, 2019, reaccreditation in 2022; national accreditation dated November 30, 2021.

From year to year, the Hospital occupies a leading place in the list of rating evaluation of the activities of hospitals in the Republic of Kazakhstan, both in terms of clinical indicators and management indicators.

To achieve a high level of public health with continuous improvement of medical care using advanced methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation based on shared responsibility for the preservation and promotion of health.

Multidisciplinary National Scientific and Clinical Production Cluster, providing a full cycle of medical services based on international standards of quality and hospital services, using advanced achievements and innovations in clinical practice, with the integration of the principles of the trinity: the clinic, science and education.

Values and ethical principles of the Presidential Hospital

  • Organizational sustainability - management consistently implements the organization’s vision and mission with the team.
  • Intellectual potential - attracting competent professionals with continuous improvement of knowledge and skills; all opportunities are created and all avenues are identified for this.
  • Integrity - maintaining proclaimed principles and high standards, demonstrating a high level of trust and integrity both with patients and within the organization’s staff.
  • Satisfied and loyal patient - the mission of the organization is achievable only when the key to the diagnosis is identified, the right treatment is selected and a welcoming attitude with understanding and satisfaction of the patient’s needs is provided.
  • Flexibility and willingness to share knowledge - willingness to learn, to share knowledge and experience gained from advanced courses and master classes, mentorships, conferences, and to increase overall success.
  • Openness - adherence to the principles of honesty and integrity in personal and collective actions.
  • Professionalism - directing all best knowledge, abilities and experience to achieve high performance for the benefit of the patient and the organization’s team through constant development and continuous learning.
Strategic development directions of RSE “Medical Center Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan” on REU for 2022-2026:
1. Provision of quality and effective medical services and care at all levels of medical help.
2. Ensuring financial sustainability.
3. Improvement of management system of production processes, strengthening and development of personnel potential and corporate values.
4. Development of innovative and scientific - educational activities.

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