In Medical Centre Hospital of PAA of the RK, vascular health and memory problem room opened

In the past ten years, the problem of stroke prevention became very thorny, acute disorder of cerebral circulation incident and mortality rate raise is global burden and challenge to the society. Purposeful organizational events in the governmental level, scientific inventions allowed abrupt decreasing incident and mortality rate of stroke. It is the time to admit effectiveness of strategy and at the same time to define further work direction.

Cardiovascular disease rate is still growing; wide recognition is getting insistent need of increasing awareness and taking more intensive target-focused responsive measures. Within that, aim special “Vascular health and memory problem” room opened in preventive outpatient department of Medical Center Hospital of PAA of the RK.

The purpose of opening is systematic approach of monitoring, prevention and decrease of acute disorder of cerebral circulation (ADCC) risk impact factors, cognitive deterioration and early treatment of associated cerebrovascular diseases.

The result is very important in order to determine scope of examinations and selection of medicament or surgical treatment. Patients with low stroke risk do not need deep check-up, which include methods of heart, vessels and brain visualization.   It allows correct distributing healthcare resources and optimizes working hours of specialists. From the other hand, patients with high stroke risk have to get full check-up timely.

Working with detected cases should be done based on staged individual target program of “Vascular health and memory problem”:

1 stage – screening (general physicians of preventive department) by EURO SCORE scale;

2 stage – general cardio-vascular risk certification ESH/ESC (preventive department’s general physician, cardiologist, neurologist), if average and high risk detected patients are transferred to the 3rd stage;

3 stage – assessment of cognitive function by special diagnostic program offered by Medical Center Hospital of PAA of the RK.

This room work organization allows conducting systematic purposeful prevention of dangerous socially important defects of cerebrovascular pathology and memory problems.

For more information, go on official site of Medical Center Hospital of PAA of the RK.