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Dr.Yergali Gabbasov

Dr.Yergali Gabassov
A doctor of the highest qualification category in the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology from 2013. Total work experience in the specialty of obstetrician-gynecologist is 16 years.
Doctor of X-ray Diagnostics (Ultrasound Diagnostics) from 2013.
Urologist from 2007.
Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Proficiency in techniques:
- robotic operations in gynecology (all types of operations on the uterine appendages: subtotal, total hysterectomy (myoma, pelvic tumors, etc.);

- laparoscopic and laparotomic operations in case of emergency pathology in gynecology (cysts, cystomas, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory diseases);

- office hysteroscopy, operating Hystero-Resectoscopy;

- laparoscopic reconstructive plastic surgery for tuboperitoneal infertility;

- subtotal hysterectomy (laparotomic and laparoscopic);

- total hysterectomy (laparotomic and laparoscopic, vaginal);

- conservative myomectomy (laparotomic and laparoscopic);

- vaginal operations using mesh endoprostheses;

- sling operations for stress urinary incontinence;

- laparoscopic correction of stress urinary incontinence (Birch surgery);

- plastic surgery for chronic clytroclasia and urovaginal/rectovaginal fistula;

- laparoscopic operations using mesh endoprostheses (promontofixation);

- cystoscopy, contact ureterolithotripsy;

- ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, pelvis, urogenital system, kidneys, thyroid, mammary glands, scrotum, soft tissues.

Educational background:
- 2011-2014 – Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise, postgraduate training program;

- 2001-2002 – Karaganda State Medical Academy, internship;

- 1995-2001 – Karaganda State Medical Institute, specialty: General Medicine.

Professional development:
- 2018 – training and certification at the TransEnterix Robotic Surgery Center, Milan;

- 2015 – retraining of Astana Medical University JSC, specialty "Oncology";

- 2013 – retraining at Karaganda State Medical University, specialty “Social Hygiene and Healthcare Organization”;

- 2013 – retraining at Karaganda State Medical University, specialty “Radiation and Ultrasound Diagnostics”;

- 2007 – retraining at the Karaganda State Medical University, specialty “Urology”.