Health school "Active Aging"

Relevance. Population in the republic is 17 417.7 thousand people (01.01.2015), with annual population growth rate of 1.24%; average life expectancy is 71.6 years. Despite the positive development of Healthcare dynamics life expectancy of Kazakhstanis nearly 10 years less than in OECD member countries.

The greatest proportion of deaths (86%) and the burden of disease (77%) are caused by a group of socially significant diseases: cardiovascular, cancer, chronic lung disease, diabetes. Among the causes of chronic diseases in 87.5% are risk factors (high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and alcohol consumption, poor diet). Patients by improving their knowledge in the prevention of disease or stabilizing it, thus contributing to an increase in life expectancy and active aging.

Training purpose - interventions conducting for prevention and development of the ability of patients to the aimed actions to overcome behavioral risk factors of diseases, education skills of healthy lifestyle, teach patients to be responsible for their health, the commitment to carry out the doctor's recommendations.