Welcome training with young specialists in Nursing

In the frames of Nursing school on September 9, 2016 by young specialists of adaptation sector was conducted Welcome- training to the young professionals of nursing. University of Applied Sciences LAMK (Lahti, Finland) Ms. Kivinen Tiina Eveliina - nurse expert, Master of Science - Health Care, registered nurse -RN international consultant attended the training.

During training, lectures, discussions were held. During familiarizing stage, young specialists obtain more information about hospital structure, functional responsibilities and job factors, also standards of speech culture, patient awareness algorithms for pre-preparation examinations, algorithm of behavior in unusual situations. This information, will help young specialists quickly and smoothly adapt to the workplace and to the team.

In order to study the needs and problems of young specialists in the process of adaptation to the hospital was conducted survey. The survey involved all the young specialists of nursing.

In order to achieve and maintain high level of Medical Centre Hospital nursing personnel qualification to provide quality health care, every week on Thursdays at 16.00 for young specialists will be held trainings, lectures, in which specialists will be able to develop their theoretical and practical skills.

2016.09.09 Welcome-тренинг 1

2016.09.09 Welcome-тренинг 3