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Hospital Service Department

The Hospital Service Department is the structural subdivision of the Centre of administrative and general service of the RSE with the REM Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the staff size of 31 full-time employees and 4 part-time employees.

Within the structure of the Department there functions the sector for collection, storage and disposal of medical waste of the Hospital Service Department.

Primary objectives of the Hospital Service Department

  • Organization of series of actions to ensure visitors’ convenience and comfort at various stages of provision of medical service;

  • Organization and maintenance of order and cleanness in service rooms of the Hospital;

  • Ensuring of optimum microclimate, light comfort, sufficient insolation regimen of service rooms;

  • Reasonable and efficient use of available technical equipment, ensuring of correct operation, safety and proper maintenance thereof;

  • Organization of disposal of medical waste of B, C, D, and E classes;

  • Organization and creation of comfort conditions for patients, visitors and employees of the Hospital;

  • Taking care of pot flowers;

  • Supply of employees of administration of the Hospital F Block with household equipment, hospital linen and other stock, special clothing (coats, suits), hygiene items, washing and anti-infective agents, office supplies, potable water;

  • Assistance and participation in mass cultural events of the Hospital;

  • Making operative decisions on eventual emergency situations in the Hospital;

  • Opportune preparation, coordination and approval of documents developed by the Department on the issues of provision of hospital service;

  • Assimilation and introduction of advanced methods, techniques, technical equipment for provision of hospital service;

  • Development and improvement of organizational forms and methods of public service, improvement of quality and culture of work;

  • Introduction and maintenance of the quality management system.

Core functions of the Hospital Service Department

  • Opportune and proper cleaning of service rooms, maintenance of order and cleanness in the administration of the F Block, atriums, stairways, stairway areas and landing platforms of six floors including ground floors of A1, A2, and A3 Blocks, in doctors’ and service rooms of A1 Block, technical floors of A1, A2, A3, D1, C1, B1, B2 Blocks, gallery of Е Block, garage of G and H Blocks, security stations (checkpoints);

  • Systematic machine and manual cleaning of service rooms throughout the day;

  • Daily cleaning of carpet floorings of service rooms in F Block;

  • Scheduled routine and overall cleaning of service rooms;

  • Control of safe-keeping of upholstered and office furniture of the Hospital;

  • Opportune taking care of pot flowers (watering, wiping of leaves, fertilizing and handling, replanting);

  • Daily removal of A class waste;

  • Daily disposal of medical waste of B, C, D, and E classes (according to charts);

  • Storage of G class waste;

  • Ensuring of seasonal work of coat room for visitors;

  • Interrelation and continuity in the work with other structural subdivisions of the Hospital and healthcare organizations;

  • Conduct of personal, social and health education, promotion of healthy lifestyle, and hygienic education of the Department’s personnel.

Contact details: Astana, Е 495 street, No. 2, F Block, room No. 5.

Contact numbers: 8(7172) 70-78-97, 70-72-75, 70-72-22, 70-72-77, 70-78-96, 70-72-21.

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