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Check-up Premium for Men

The Program is designed for people who care about their health, who do not complain about their health, but want to receive information about their health. Preventive program for a deeper examination of the female body, as well as selection of medical recommendations for the prevention of diseases, assessment of the main systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous and genitourinary), selection of medical recommendations for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

Duration of the program: 2-3 days.

Service nurse accompaniment is provided at all stages of the program.

The Program can be supplemented by any services according to the indications and at the request of the patient (according to the basic price list). Individual examination can be arranged in a single or double wards in a 24-hour inpatient hospital.

The additional services and the cost of the ward of this category are not included in the Program and, are paid in accordance with the current Pricelist of RSE Medical center Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.