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Outpatient Surgery Unit

The list of invasive diagnostic methods and surgical procedures performed in the Unit

General surgery

1. Removal of a foreign body of soft tissues

2. Dressings of “clean” wounds

3. Anesthetic management

4. Removal of benign neoplasms of the skin, mucous membranes, subcutaneous tissue, muscles (up to 5 cm)

5. Puncture biopsy, puncture (soft tissues, lymph nodes, breast, parenchymal organs)

6. Puncture biopsy, medical diagnostic puncture (joint, joint capsule)

7. Primary surgical treatment of wounds

8. Nail surgery (with the exception of cancer)

9. Hernia repair for external uncomplicated forms of hernias of various localization (volume and method of surgical intervention is determined by the Board of Doctors)

10. Ligation, excision, removal of varicose (expanded) veins of the lower extremities

11. Phlebosclerosis therapy of veins

12. Sectoral resection of the mammary gland (with fibroadenomas with a histological conclusion)


1. Excision of the subcutaneous submucosal fistula of the rectum of the 1st complexity degree.

2. Removal of anal polyps

3. Ligation of hemorrhoids

4. Electrocoagulation of polyps of the rectum, located up to a height of 10 cm with a mandatory histological examination.

5. Thrombectomy of external single hemorrhoidal nodes

6. Local hemorrhoidectomy

7. Excision of uncomplicated chronic anal fissure (without sphincteroplasty)

8. Local sphincterotomy for recurring acute anal fissures

9. Alcohol-novocaine blockade in acute sphincteritis

10. Excision of uncomplicated epithelial coccygeal passage with layered suturing of the postoperative wound

11. Perianal cosmetology

Traumatology, orthopedics

1.   Diagnostic arthroscopy (including with a synovial biopsy)

2. Sanitary arthroscopy (resection of the meniscus, adipose body, mediopatellar fold of the knee joint; subacromial decompression of the shoulder joint, etc.)

3. Reconstructive arthroscopy (stabilization of the patella, meniscus suture, reconstruction of the ligamentous apparatus of the knee joint, reconstruction of the articular lip and rotational cuff of the shoulder joint, etc.)

4. Hand operations (Deputitren contracture, stenosing ligamentitis, hygroma, benign tumors of the hand)

5. Operations on the forefoot, regarding acquired deformities of the foot - corrective osteotomy

6. Removal of metal structures

7. Amputation, exarticulation of fingers, hands, feet


1. Diagnostic esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy under anesthesia (including with biopsy and tests for Helicobacter pylori)

2. Endoscopic removal of benign tumors of the esophagus and stomach (polyps, lipomas up to 1 cm)

3. Endoscopic removal of benign colon tumors (polyps, lipomas up to 1 cm).


Maxillofacial Surgery

1. Removal of benign tumors of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth

2. Puncture biopsies for tumors of the bones of the face

3. Resection of the alveolar processes of the jaw

4. Splinting of teeth and jaws

5. Surgery for periodontal disease



1. Nasal polypotomy

2. Adenotomy

3. Reduction of the nasal bones

4. Removal of small benign tumors

5. Puncture of the maxillary sinuses

6. Cristotomy of the nasal septum

7. Disintegration of the lower turbinates using physical methods 

8 Biopsy (including extended) of the formations of the nose, pharynx, vocal folds, piriform sinus, lateral walls of the larynxopharynx, pharynx, external ear, external auditory meatus



1. Circumcision

2. Puncture multifocal prostate biopsy

3. Puncture sclerotherapy of kidney cysts

4. Remote Shock Wave Lithotripsy

5. Stenting the kidneys

6. Removal of the renal stent

7. Optical urethral bougienage

8. Operation Marmara (varicocele)

9. Operation Bergman

10. Removal of the urethral polyp

11. URS



1. Hysteroscopy (at endometrial hyperplasia)

2. Removal of polyps of the cervical canal, cervix, endometrial polyps

3. IUD removal

4. Plastic surgery for synechia

5. Plastic of the vaginal vestibule and hymen

6. Removal of cysts of Bartholin glands



1. Phacoemulsification of cataract with implantation of an intraocular lens

2. Tunnel cataract extraction with IOL implantation

3. Excision of pterygium with conjunctival plasty

4. Excision of chalazion

5. Excision of the skin of the eyelids and conjunctiva (papilloma, pingvecula, atheroma, skin horn, etc.)

6. Blepharoplasty

7. Intravitreal injection of angiogenesis inhibitor in macular edema

8. Reconstructive surgery on the anterior segment of the eye



1. Blockades by Katlen during coccydynia

2. All types of blockade for pain in the lower back, neck, legs

3. Neuroplasty in degenerative diseases of the spine