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Dental Department

The department presents 11 rooms that are equipped with the latest technology in dentistry, which has no analogue in the Republic of Kazakhstan (manufactured in Germany, USA) in the amount of 100 units.


Types of dental services:

- Comprehensive examination using a digital 3D tomograph, orthopantomography, radiovisiographs, intraoral cameras;

- Dental treatment of any complexity using a dental microscope;

- Drug-free treatment of periodontal diseases on the apparatus "Vector", "SIROLAZER". Surgical treatment is performed with augmentation and bone grafting;

- Dental implantation is carried out using the implant center with implant systems “BEGO” (Germany), “ALFA –BIO” (Israel);

- For sinus lift operations, an autofibrin clot, artificial bone, bone membranes are used; 

- All types of prosthetic repair are performed, including cosmetic - with zirconium oxide crowns, veneers, inlays using the LAZER STAR T PLUS laser welding machine, which has no analogue in our country, and the INLAB MC XL laboratory milling machine; 

- Computer reconstruction is carried out on the device "CEREC MC XL" and a zirconium crown is made in 40 minutes, that is, in one visit; 

- Correction of the bite at any age is possible with the help of bracket systems "ORMKO" (USA).

Our competitive advantages:

- Equipment is one of the best in the country

- High continuity (all types of research, consultations)

- Safety of procedures (compliance with the requirements of a strict sanitary-epidemiological regime using disinfectants of foreign manufacturers). 

- Reasonable prices.

In perspective:

1. Introduction and development of a new direction in dentistry “Gnatology”;

2. Implementation of the modern type of removable prosthetics system “Conditionally removable prosthetics on implants”;

3. Acquisition of a digital 3D printer for dentistry (manufacturing of surgical templates, orthodontic appliances, transparent aligners and retainers);

4. Implementation of the Invisioline system;

5. Introduction of microimplants;

6. Improving endodontics with the introduction of apparatus for obturation of the root canals of “hot” gutta-percha.

Contact numbers: +7 7172 70 77 24, Registry Office: +7 7172 70 81 78