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Centralized Sterilization Department

The Centralized Sterilization Department is the structural subdivision of the Medical Centre Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the RK.

Goal of the Department: centralization of treatment of medical accessories subject to be sterilized (use of reliable techniques of pre-sterilization treatment and sterilization, supervision of them).


  • Provision of the Hospital with sterile medical accessories: surgical instruments, syringes, needles, catheters, bougies, surgical gloves, micropipets, dressing and suture materials, linen, etc.;

  • Practical application of advanced techniques of pre-sterilization cleaning, and sterilization.


1) receipt and storage before treatment of nonsterile articles used in departments and materials prepared for sterilization;

2) pre-sterilization cleaning (washing, drying);

3) sterilization of articles;

4) quality control of pre-sterilization treatment, sterilization of articles and registration of:

  • Results of accounting of quality of the pre-sterilization treatment of articles to eliminate blood and SAA (surface-active agents);

  • Results of the quality of work of sterilizers;

  • Results of sterility examination;

5) supply of departments of the Hospital with sterile articles.

Contact details: Astana, Е 495 street, No. 2, А1 Block, 2nd floor.

Contact numbers: 8(7172) 70-73-35. 70-80-63.