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Marketing and Advertising Department

Main objectives of the Marketing and Advertising Department

•          Organization of advertising activity

•          Hospital’s work in advertising line

•          Development of events for the establishment and maintenance of public relations

•          Development of market behavior strategy and tactics through the formation of advertising and service marketing strategies

•          Analysis of the market and competing services, formation of prices for medical services of the company taking into account the quality-to-price ratio

•          Introduction and maintenance of the quality management system in the marketing and advertising service.

Core functions of the Marketing and Advertising Department

•          Organization of work for advertising of services provided by the Hospital for the purpose of their promotion, provision of information about advantages of the quality of the Hospital’ services to the public

•          Formation of advertising strategy based on prospective lines of development

•          Investigation of the supply and demand market with the aim of selling medical services of the Hospital

•          Organization of links with business partners, necessary information collection system and expansion of external links

•          Analysis of motivation of the demand for services provided by the Hospital

•          Organization of the survey of the needs of patients and determination of the directivity of advertising campaigns

•          Issue of the Hospital’s own printing products