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Patient support and intrahospital medical care quality audit service

The main tasks of the Department:

1) coordination of the hospital’s activities in managing medical care quality;

2) focus on meeting the needs and expectations of the patient;

3) focus on the high quality of medical care;

4) ensuring patient safety and reducing defects in rendering  medical services;

5) compliance with the procedure for providing the guaranteed amount of free medical care, the rights of the patient and family;

6) compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory legal acts and in the field of healthcare;

7) motivation for the participation of each employee in the process of continuous improvement of the quality of medical care and patient safety;

8) systematic approach to solve problems and concerns in the field of quality of medical services and patient safety.

If you come across problems related to the procedure and quality of medical care, please contact Patient Support Department. Department experts will promptly respond to your appeal and help to solve the problem in accordance with regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



You can leave your written appeal in the box “For complaints and suggestions” located in the first floor at the entrance and near the registration.


We will be grateful for your requests, comments and suggestions that will help us improve the quality of medical care in our Hospital.