Nonclinical Departments

Centralized Sterilization Department

Yerkinbek Momynbekov - Chief of centralized sterilization department. General medical experience is 14 years. Higher medical and higher economic education. Epidemiologist of the highest category

Information Technologies Department

Aslan Zhunisbayev, Head of the Information Technologies Department, holder of Master’s degree in the specialty of Information Systems

Department of Medical Statistics

Head of Department of Medical Statistics Nursulu Yskakova, physician of the highest qualification grade. Expert physician, health professional.


Gulsum Zhumanova - chief of the pharmacy. “Pharmaceutist –organizer” of the highest category. MBA. Total medical experience - 21 years.

Hospital Service Department

Leila Aubakirova, Head of the Hospital Service Department. Total length of service in medicine is 25 years. Graduate medical and economic education; holds certificate ‘Standards of Medical Clinic Services’, Moscow Business School (2015).


‘For Excellence in Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan’ breastplate (2007).

Innovation Management Department

Andrey Avdeyev -Head of the Innovation Management Department, MMS, 2nd category in the specialty “Public health”.

He is a current member of the Health Technology Assessment International and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Patient support and intrahospital medical care quality audit service

Bibigul Sultanbekova - Chief of the Service, PhD, doctor of the highest category in specialty “Public health, social hygiene and health care organization”

Marketing and Advertising Department

Irina Issakina - Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department