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Five-a-side tournament for championship among divisions of MCH PAA RK

In one of the sunny days of winter on Saturday 20 February passed five-a-side championship among Hospital divisions.

In the tournament 4 teams participated (administration of the Hospital, security service, ASSC and medical gases department).

Championship passed in the Department of Emergency Situations (DES) sports complex, Astana.

Financial director Erlan Zhusupov started the tournament.

Winners and the best players of the tournament were awarded by letters and medals.

Results of the games І – place was taken by the OMP team (administration), ІІ – place "Security" team, the ІІІ - place was taken by the Center of Administrative Service team.

- "The best goalkeeper" category went to - Erlan Zhusupov, financial director;

- "The best player" category - Eltay Nurgazin, department of merketing and advertisment;

- "The best forward" - Erlan Shaltayev, electro-supplies department;

- "The best defender" - Asad Asadov, department of medical gases.

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