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X-ray Surgery Department

X-ray endovascular examinations and minimally invasive operations are performed in almost all vascular pools. X-ray operating room is equipped with the latest technology. This is a unique digital angiographic unit “Simens Artis Zee”, which allows performing operations on almost all vessels of the human body, examining any organ in real time and performing certain types of surgical interventions on it, as well as a unique digital angiographic unit for performing hybrid surgical and endovascular interventions Simens Artis Zee Go, which has no analogues in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


The use of X-ray surgical methods of treatment allows minimizing operational trauma, avoiding anesthesia and prolonged stay of the patient in the intensive care unit, and minimizing the patient’s recovery time.


The Department carries out diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on the heart and blood vessels by the methods of X-ray endo-endovascular surgery.

In our work, we apply modern knowledge, taking into account the latest world developments and trends, and use the latest high-quality tools and materials from leading world manufacturers, including the latest generation of drug-eluting stents.