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Therapeutics Department No.2 (therapy, cardiology, rheumatology)

Therapy, cardiology, rheumatology

Therapeutics Department No.2 provides patients in the following therapeutic areas: cardiology and rheumatology.


In order to identify the degree of coronary artery disease and to select an appropriate treatment tactic, patients are examined by a cardioprogram (Holter ECG monitoring; 24-hour blood pressure monitoring; VIViD - E9 echocardiography of the expert class General Elektric, stress tests: Treadmill test). Coronary angiography is performed in the department of interventional cardiology with access through the radial artery.

If coronary artery disease is detected, the patient is examined by the Heart-team consisting of a cardiac surgeon, cardiologist and interventional cardiologist and the question of choosing a method for myocardial revascularization (stenting, CABG, optimal drug therapy) is decided.


At the same time, an adequate selection of antihypertensive therapy is carried out in the department, and an effective renal vascular denervation is performed for patients with resistant arterial hypertension, after the exclusion of vasorenal (atherosclerotic) hypertension. A comprehensive diagnosis and examination of rheumatological patients with the selection of basic therapy is also carried out.

There are all the necessary equipment and conditions to ensure high-quality and safe medical care: single, double rooms, equipped with call buttons, consoles for oxygen supply, functional beds.

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