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Surgery Department No.3 (traumatology, orthopedics and eye microsurgery)

The department has modern equipment and tools for providing highly specialized medical care. The department provides treatment in comfortable wards based on international standards.


The main directions of the Department:

• knee and hip replacement

• arthroscopic examination of the knee

• arthroscopic treatment: damage to menisci, cruciate ligaments, treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

• arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder at the usual dislocations of the shoulder joint, damage to the articular cartilage, deforming arthrosis of the knee joints, instability (subluxation) of the patella

• treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures

• leg lengthening and correction of curvature of the legs

• treatment of hallux valgus of the first toe (“bones”, “bumps” on the big toe)

• treatment of fractures of the upper and lower extremities, fractures/dislocations of the clavicle.

• removal of metal

• ankle-joint arthrodesis

• treatment of wrist injuries

Arthroscopic surgeries are performed on endoscopic equipment of leading world manufacturers (Karl Storz, Karl Zeiss Germany), an electron-optical transducer (Siemens Germany), and medical devices (“DePuy J&J” USA; “Medtronic” USA; “Stryker” USA; “B. Braun-Aesculap Germany)” and others are used to replace large joints and metallosteosynthesis in bone fractures.

3 хирургическое отделение

Eye surgeries are mainly represented by cataract and glaucoma surgery. The surgeries are performed on the most modern equipment - the Infiniti microsurgical system, the Lumera microscope using "soft" intraocular lenses and consumables from leading manufacturers. It is especially necessary to note that the eye surgery room is equipped with laminar ventilation flows, which guarantee the epidemiological safety of operations.


A new direction in the treatment of patients with vascular pathology of the eye is the use of angiogenesis inhibitors that can successfully deal with edema of the macular region of the retina, which is responsible for central vision.

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