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Surgery Department No.2 (general surgery, gynecology)

The surgical inpatient department is equipped with advanced medical devices, by means of which the full range of surgical interventions is conducted in thoracic and abdominal, pelvic and retroperitoneal space organs with the use of the state-of-the-art minimally invasive laparoscopic technologies.


In the area of General Surgery we conduct the medical treatment of elective and urgent patients with diseases of abdominal and thoracic organs. Over 90% of surgical interventions are conducted with the use of low-trauma methods of endoscopic surgery.


In the area of Gynecology we conduct in the planned and expedited manner the medical treatment of all types of ectopic pregnancy, acute inflammatory and septic diseases of uterus and uterine adnexa, various forms of infertility, intrauterine pathology (polyps, hyperplasia, synechia, septums), stress urinary incontinence of women, prolapsed and descent of female genital organs, endometriosis of uterus, uterine adnexa, and pelvic peritoneum, benign neoplasms of uterus (myoma of various location)and и uterine adnexa (all types of cysts and cystoms), congenital malformation of female genital organs. Surgeries are conducted by both traditional and laparoscopic access.


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